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Rental conditions

All of the conditions applicable to the rental of vehicles from our branches are shown below.


No upfront payment is required when making an online booking.
Payment for the rental service is made when the vehicle is collected.
Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards are accepted.
The rate applied is guaranteed, for continuous rental periods, up until the date scheduled for the return of the vehicle as set out in the rental letter; the maximum time is 365 days from the rental start date.

For certain rental sites and specific periods, it may be necessary to make payment in advance using a credit card online.
In the event of cancellation, no charge will be applied if the cancellation is made with at least 15 days' notice; 1 day's rental cost will be charged if at least 7 days' notice is given; 50% between 7 and 2 days; 100% of the quoted cost will be charged if notice of less than 2 days before the scheduled delivery date of the vehicle is given.


All of the prices shown are inclusive of Italian VAT at 22%, unless otherwise specified.


The customer is liable for the fuel costs.
If the vehicle is collected with a full tank and returned without a full tank, the customer will be charged a € 18.30 refuelling charge over and above the cost of the number of litres required to refill the tank.

Minimum age to use the rental service

For cars: 21 years of age with valid category B licence, issued at least 1 year ago.

For motorbikes: 18 years of age with valid category A licence, issued at least 1 year ago.
For those aged 24 and below, a supplement of €10.00 per day is applicable.

Second driver

The rented vehicle may be driven by an individual other than the person named on the rental letter; in such cases, a supplementary charge of €5.00 per day is applicable.

The customer is, in any case, required to inform the branch from which the vehicle is collected of the name(s) of any other individual(s) who may drive the vehicle, taking on the administrative liabilities, as set out in paragraph 12 of Article 116 of the Highway Code (Italian Legislative Decree 285/92), concerning the entrusting of the vehicle to an individual without a driving licence.

Theft Protection (TP)

"Theft Protection" is a compulsory form of cover in Italy and is included in the rental charge. It reduces the liability in relation to Nolauto Alghero for the cost of repair or replacement of the Nolauto Alghero vehicle and of its parts and accessories, in the event of theft or loss of the vehicle, for the duration of the rental, on condition that the vehicle has been used in compliance with the terms of the rental contract.

Non-waivable excess fee: all rentals are subject to a non-waivable excess fee – which varies depending on the vehicle rented – for which the customer is liable in the event of loss or theft of the vehicle rented from Nolauto Alghero.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

The "Collision Damage Waiver" (included in the rental service) limits the liability of the renter in the event of damage to the rented vehicle for reasons other than theft, attempted theft or acts of vandalism, on condition that the vehicle has been used in compliance with the terms set out in the rental contract.

Non-waivable excess fee: all rentals are subject to a non-waivable excess fee – which varies depending on the vehicle rented – for which the customer is liable in the event of damage to the vehicle rented from Nolauto Alghero.

It is possible to limit liability even further – consult the paragraph on GOLD or PLATINUM cover for more details.

You can have a look on the damages tables:





GOLD Insurance

The optional GOLD coverage means a reduction in the compensation penalty (deductible) for theft and / or damage to the vehicle.
This option does not cover the customer for breakage of the windows, underbody, rims and tires, of the door sill, of the front spoiler, in the event of failure to assess the height of the vehicle, incorrect reforestation or vandalism.

GOLD coverage is mandatory for the months of July and August.

PLATINUM Insurance

The optional PLATINUM cover means the elimination of the compensation penalty (deductible) for damage and / or theft of the vehicle.
It also covers the following damage: glass and glass, wheels and rims, underbody and front spoiler, interior.
PAI driver accident insurance is also included.

Collection and return

Supplement of €15.00 in the area outwith the city limits but within the municipality in which the branch is located.

For returns outside the opening times of the branch, a supplement of €20.00 is charged.

The opening times of the agencies are as follows (may be subject to variations): 9am-1pm / 4.30pm-7.30pm


At its irrevocable discretion, Nolauto Alghero may decide not to provide a replacement vehicle, irrespective of the reason that gave rise to the requirement.

Rental extension

Should the customer wish to prolong the rental beyond the scheduled end date, the customer must inform the branch immediately in order to allow the extension of the insurance coverage. Should the vehicle not be available for an extension, the customer is required to return the vehicle as agreed and envisaged in the rental contract.

Loss or breakage of keys

A fee of €200.00 will be charged in the event of the loss, breakage or theft of the keys.

Child seat

The cost of hiring a child seat for the entire rental period is €30.00 per seat. Please specify the age of the child in the notes, to allow us to make available an appropriate child seat.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

Optional Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) offers the customer a pre-set maximum level of cover in the event of accidental death and medical expenses following injuries arising from an incident while he/she is driving a Nolauto Alghero vehicle. The daily cost is €4.00.

Administrative charge

In the event of an accident, an administrative charge of €55.00 will be applied to the customer in the event that he/she fails to produce a properly compiled European Accident Statement form (CID - Constatazione Amichevole di Incidente).

One-way journey

Option to return the rented vehicle to a branch other than that used for collection, which in any case should be within the municipality of Alghero.
Subject to a supplement of €20.00.
The rented vehicle must not be taken outwith the Sardinia region.